Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday School Field Trip

It was the last Sunday of Sunday School until fall and Bekah and Scott's teacher planned a field trip for them.  We went to Bemidji to the Headwaters Science Center.  I had never heard of the place before and what a great little hidden gem!  The kids were first mesmerized by the funky mirrors.

These three tubes were filled with liquids of different viscosity and you pushed a button to send an air bubble up each of them and see which the bubble traveled faster in.  The science lessons on some of these exhibits were a little over my kids' heads, but they were cool, nonetheless.

This contraption didn't have a lesson attached to it, that I saw anyway, but you could blow some monster bubbles with it.

Scott held down the button that fired the burner that heated the air that made this hot-air balloon float.  Pretty cool!

This table was called "Flow Motion" and you could spin the big disk to make the pearly-green liquid inside flow in all different ways, making cool patterns and swirls.

There were snakes, which (thank heavens) my children didn't want to hold.  But Bekah put her hands out for this big, hairy tarantula.

No live bears in this bear's den...just a little stuffed guy that Scott wrestled with.

We learned that the Bernoulli Ball principle is the same principle that helps an airplane to fly.

A train table...and Scott's in heaven.

My favorite exhibit was this sculpture which illustrated how potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.  It was the kind of thing you could sit and watch all day long as the balls rolled down, looped around, and activated various levers, cups and ramps.

We spent a couple hours at the science center before heading to a big new bowling alley for pizza and a game.  I'm not sure what technique Bekah is using here.

 But it paid off I guess!

Scott used this cool ramp to help him bowl and he was an animal...three strikes in the game!

He thought he was an animal too.

It was a really fun day for us and we'll have to go again sometime now that we know that science center is there.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How about...?

About a million (give or take) times a day I hear, "how about..." followed by a suggestion for a make-believe situation we should be in.  This day, I was a patient at Dr Feelgood's office.  At least that's what I thought based on the good doctor's name badge, but I was soon corrected by Dr. Storlie.  I think that's the first sign of a quack, isn't it?  Not using their real name?  Hmm...

Well anyway, I had this nagging headache so I told Dr. Storlie all about it and she solved the problem by giving me an injection in my head.  Also she removed a large glob of wax from my ear so that my hearing problem would improve.  I wasn't even aware that I had a hearing problem.

My baby had the next appointment.  After removing a glob of was from his ear (apparently it's a hereditary condition) Dr. Storlie informed me that she wasn't sure why he was acting like such a baby and she'd have to research it on her computer.

She happens to be the second-best expert on this topic of acting-like-a-baby but it didn't take her long to give up on her research.  She informed me that she's actually best friends with THE expert and so all she had to do when she was stumped was call him.  Handy.

I never got the official diagnosis, but the prescription was to feed him only nutritious foods and he'd grow out of it by the 5th grade.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cardboard and Nylon

My kids have a thing for giant cardboard boxes.  

This particular box has bought me numerous hours of getting-along.  It started out life this winter as a fort in the living room, then spent a couple of months hibernating in the basement before being resurrected here as a boat.

The grass was wet and the box got soggy so the next day we dug Scott's little tent out of the heap of camping gear in the garage and the kids made "Bug Camp"

They were armed with butterfly nets (thank you, Target dollar section) mason jars and giant magnifying glasses.

They each caught several different butterflies and returned to Bug Camp each time to examine, sketch and journal about them.

Meanwhile, as you can see from the background of the picture above, Jesse and I kept plugging away at our re-siding project.
Love it when they can get along for a whole entire day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Birthday Bash

Bekah and Scott were so excited for Alariks' first birthday.  They helped me with a few decorations:

And Alarik really liked them!  He pointed to the hanging stars and "A"s and smiled at the banner of himself.

Bekah made him a special gift, a cinquain poem that she wrote and illustrated.  Don't ask me how she knows what a cinquain poem is.  They learn a lot more in first grade these days than I remember learning, that's for sure!  The timeline along the bottom shows what he'll be doing at each age between now and first grade (from right to left)  Now he's crawling, next comes walking, then dancing, then playing, then preschool, Kindergarten and first grade.  Just like that.  :)  Also, the heart card she tied on says" I love you, my little treasure".  That girl makes me melt.

 I topped his cake with more stars.

  He was a little confused by the whole "Happy Birthday" singing tradition.

And at first was not sure what we expected him to do with that stuff on his tray.

 It didn't take him very long, however, to figure out that it was mmm-mmm good!

A bath was necessary after that.  Cousin Eli needed one too.

The day was completed after unwrapping dozens of new toys that, collectively, make thousands of new sounds with trillions of blinking lights.  (not even exaggerating...too much)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sacked Out

As Leonardo da Vinci said, "A well-spent day brings happy sleep".  Well, this kid must have the best-spent days on record cuz I don't know about you, but this looks like pretty happy sleep to me!

It's gotten to the point where I just automatically grab the camera before I go up to check on the kids at night.

This one is just incredible to me.  HOW can that possibly be comfortable enough for him to actually be asleep?  The world may never know.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Preschool Graduate

Our soon-to-be six year old graduated with honors from preschool last week.  Ok, not really with honors because they don't do that sort of thing for preschool graduates, but if they did, he would have graduated with honors.  In my book anyway.
Scott's teacher gave us a folder of his work from the beginning and end of the year so we could see all that's he's learned and how he's changed over the year.  Throughout the year you don't really notice all the changes but to see it compared side by side is pretty impressive.  He's growing up so fast, but he's also still such a "wittowl" guy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day Portrait Failure

Hey kids, let's take a quick picture with Mom on Mother's Day while you all look so nice in your church clothes!
Agh, this one's no good with all the shadows and Scott's not looking and Bekah's...what the heck is Bekah doing?

Well, now we're looking into the sun and Scott's shading his eyes.  What's that dead animal the dog is carrying around?

Scott finally looks but he appears to be hurt somehow.  Will somebody get that dog with the dead bird out of the background?  Is Alarik trying to give Bekah bunny ears?  Man, that boy is so smart!

A close up.  So you can see clearly that neither Scott nor Alarik are looking at the camera.  Bekah might be looking but it's hard to tell with that windblown hair look she's got going on.

You know what?  Forget it.  SILLY FACES EVERYONE!

There that works.

A good picture of all three kids:  mission impossible.  Unless you do Photoshop.  Which I don't.