Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Birthday Bash

Bekah and Scott were so excited for Alariks' first birthday.  They helped me with a few decorations:

And Alarik really liked them!  He pointed to the hanging stars and "A"s and smiled at the banner of himself.

Bekah made him a special gift, a cinquain poem that she wrote and illustrated.  Don't ask me how she knows what a cinquain poem is.  They learn a lot more in first grade these days than I remember learning, that's for sure!  The timeline along the bottom shows what he'll be doing at each age between now and first grade (from right to left)  Now he's crawling, next comes walking, then dancing, then playing, then preschool, Kindergarten and first grade.  Just like that.  :)  Also, the heart card she tied on says" I love you, my little treasure".  That girl makes me melt.

 I topped his cake with more stars.

  He was a little confused by the whole "Happy Birthday" singing tradition.

And at first was not sure what we expected him to do with that stuff on his tray.

 It didn't take him very long, however, to figure out that it was mmm-mmm good!

A bath was necessary after that.  Cousin Eli needed one too.

The day was completed after unwrapping dozens of new toys that, collectively, make thousands of new sounds with trillions of blinking lights.  (not even exaggerating...too much)

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