Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How about...?

About a million (give or take) times a day I hear, "how about..." followed by a suggestion for a make-believe situation we should be in.  This day, I was a patient at Dr Feelgood's office.  At least that's what I thought based on the good doctor's name badge, but I was soon corrected by Dr. Storlie.  I think that's the first sign of a quack, isn't it?  Not using their real name?  Hmm...

Well anyway, I had this nagging headache so I told Dr. Storlie all about it and she solved the problem by giving me an injection in my head.  Also she removed a large glob of wax from my ear so that my hearing problem would improve.  I wasn't even aware that I had a hearing problem.

My baby had the next appointment.  After removing a glob of was from his ear (apparently it's a hereditary condition) Dr. Storlie informed me that she wasn't sure why he was acting like such a baby and she'd have to research it on her computer.

She happens to be the second-best expert on this topic of acting-like-a-baby but it didn't take her long to give up on her research.  She informed me that she's actually best friends with THE expert and so all she had to do when she was stumped was call him.  Handy.

I never got the official diagnosis, but the prescription was to feed him only nutritious foods and he'd grow out of it by the 5th grade.

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