Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday School Field Trip

It was the last Sunday of Sunday School until fall and Bekah and Scott's teacher planned a field trip for them.  We went to Bemidji to the Headwaters Science Center.  I had never heard of the place before and what a great little hidden gem!  The kids were first mesmerized by the funky mirrors.

These three tubes were filled with liquids of different viscosity and you pushed a button to send an air bubble up each of them and see which the bubble traveled faster in.  The science lessons on some of these exhibits were a little over my kids' heads, but they were cool, nonetheless.

This contraption didn't have a lesson attached to it, that I saw anyway, but you could blow some monster bubbles with it.

Scott held down the button that fired the burner that heated the air that made this hot-air balloon float.  Pretty cool!

This table was called "Flow Motion" and you could spin the big disk to make the pearly-green liquid inside flow in all different ways, making cool patterns and swirls.

There were snakes, which (thank heavens) my children didn't want to hold.  But Bekah put her hands out for this big, hairy tarantula.

No live bears in this bear's den...just a little stuffed guy that Scott wrestled with.

We learned that the Bernoulli Ball principle is the same principle that helps an airplane to fly.

A train table...and Scott's in heaven.

My favorite exhibit was this sculpture which illustrated how potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.  It was the kind of thing you could sit and watch all day long as the balls rolled down, looped around, and activated various levers, cups and ramps.

We spent a couple hours at the science center before heading to a big new bowling alley for pizza and a game.  I'm not sure what technique Bekah is using here.

 But it paid off I guess!

Scott used this cool ramp to help him bowl and he was an animal...three strikes in the game!

He thought he was an animal too.

It was a really fun day for us and we'll have to go again sometime now that we know that science center is there.

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  1. I'm liking the new blog format! I don't even have kids and slowed down on my blog posts! I blame it on my computer, haha! Keep 'em coming!