Sunday, June 24, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday!!!

This party turned out every bit as fun as we hoped it would.  At first, the slingshot needed loosening up and the kids had to tag-team it:

But everyone got the hang of it pretty fast.

 Before we knew it they were all knocking down pigs like professional Angry Birds players!

 When it was time for food, Scott was surprised with an Angry Birds pizza.

And a watermelon king pig.

After a few more rounds of the game, it was present time.  What kid doesn't want fireworks for his near-the-4th-of-July birthday???

 Scott had been pining over a pair of scissors with a storage case and Big-Sister Bekah came through for him on that gift.  What a look he gives her!

 After presents comes cake and this particular one was the piece de resistance of the whole party if you ask me.  Idea found on Pinterest, pulled off by Grandma Linda, it is a beaut!

And it tasted pretty darn good too!


  1. Where did you get the slingshot?

  2. It's a fallen down tree top that the kids found in our woods. Actually, that's what started the whole idea for the party. They found it and hauled it up into the yard thinking it was perfect for a slingshot. Jesse sawed off the rough end and I painted it. The rubber part is exercise tubing and the pocket is a piece of leather. I've seen ideas online to make one out of PVC pipe too if you don't happen across the perfect tree! :)

  3. how to count scoring in the catapult angry bird game? Suppose we have two players match then how the game will end.