Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trip Out West Day Four: Around Flathead Lake

 We were ready to get out and go by the next morning so our family loaded up and headed down the east side of Flathead Lake, through Bigfork, and down to Polson where we visited the Miracle of American Museum.  What a weird place.  The motto was "From the walking plow to walking on the moon" and I think it was supposed to be a complete history of the United States.  Well, there was enough stuff there to cover all that time period, but it was crammed and disorganized and then there were tons of things there that didn't seem to have much to do with anything.  Especially outside where it appeared that someone had just decided to put a "museum" sign out in front of a junkyard.  An interesting junkyard, I'll give it that, but just a random, huge collection of stuff with no rhyme or reason to it.  Such as this alien sculpture with his spaceship: 

And this spider:

Some of the displays had historical significance, like this relocated Green Mountain Schoolhouse building:

And this war helicopter:

But much of it did not:

After that experience, we drove into town and found this cool pirate-themed deli and pizza shop where we had lunch and then played on a playground on the lakeshore below the restaurant.

We drove back to the cabin via the west side of the lake and there were so many pretty views, especially the many, many cherry orchards along the shoreline.

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