Monday, July 30, 2012

Trip Out West Day Seven: Bummin' Around

We took off from the cabin on day seven with no particular place to go.  Our family drove some back, back country roads.  We saw a bit of wildlife, picked pretty wildflowers and rocks, and found an amazing view or two.  We also found some trees across the road and some questionable territory! this even a road anymore???

Alarik enjoyed some huckleberry twizzlers we'd picked up from The Huckleberry Patch the day before...
...and he also enjoyed a nap - mid twizzler!

We ended up in Whitefish by lunchtime so we grabbed sandwiches at a place called Quickies that was supposed to have an outdoor garden dining area with a playhouse for the kids.  We were disappointed to find that wasn't true.  Darn Whitefish, MT ipod app lying to us!  The food was good though.

While out exploring we'd found a beach on Tally Lake so we returned there for a picnic dinner and swim with everyone else.  It was really fun to be in the lake with the mountains rising all around you.  Definitely a cool change from the MN lakeshores we are used to.

Alarik loved the water and was sitting and splashing before we knew it, even though it was pretty darn cold if you ask me.

The weather was beautiful and we had the beach mostly to ourselves.  It was a peaceful way to spend our last evening in Montana.

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