Friday, August 10, 2012

An Accidental Day at the Park

I made a spur of the moment decision last Saturday morning to take the kids and run to Grand Rapids to hit up the farmer's market.  I envisioned a leisurely amble through the market with Alarik in the stroller and Bekah and Scott helping me choose delicious and healthy produce for the next week.  Then we arrived in the big city and discovered that the Tall Timber Days festival was going on.  I nearly turned right around and went home.  But then I took a deep breath and decided to embrace the madness.  We parked several blocks from the normal location of the farmer's market.  When we first made our way over there, it looked like it had been completely taken over by a giant tent with a music stage and tables under it.  But we eventually found the market tucked into half the area it normally covers.  Since we'd parked so far from the truck, we were only able to buy what we could fit in the bottom of the stroller but we managed to fit corn, carrots, potatoes, green beans and cukes in there!  On the way back to the truck, Bekah and Scott spied the inflatable kids games (how can you NOT notice those giant colorful wallet-drainers?) and I agreed to let them play for awhile.

That was all the crowd I could handle so we grabbed sandwiches at Subway and headed to one of the city parks to enjoy them.  The place was all but deserted so that was nice. 

The kids played some more on the playground there and we discovered that Alarik LOVES slides!

Then again, what doesn't this kid love?
Sandwiches?  Yep!

Stairs?  Yep!

Tunnels?  Yep!

 His brother and sister?  Yep!

A solo trip down a big double-slide when Bekah and Scott mis-communicate???

Apparently, YEP!

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  1. That pic of the double slide looks like A is headed for disaster head first!!