Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Giant Freezing Cold Water Play Pad

Saw this idea on pinterest and had to give it a try:

Rolling out the giant plastic sheeting:

Duct-taping the three open sides after folding it:

Waiting for it to fill up:

And more waiting:

 The filling it up part took a lot longer than I anticipated but the kids had just as much fun checking it out while it was filling as they did when it was finally done and ready to play on.  Alarik especially liked helping the blue food coloring mix with the water as it filled.  Definitely need more food coloring next time.  Two bottles was not enough for that many gallons of water!

They got excited when it was full enough to make them "float".
The first trouble spot we had was where I taped it shut after pulling the hose out.  Must not have sealed as well because it was wet I guess.

But it didn't gush out, only trickled so the kids still had plenty of play time.

I think letting the kids play on it before it was full caused another problem, spots that got stretched from their little heels running over it.  One such spot started to wear thin and eventually broke open (by the help of investigative little fingers).  It happened to be almost right in the middle of the top so we just stuck the running hose in there to give us a little more life.

But the hole proved too tempting:

And pretty soon they were "fishing" in it!

All told we got over 4 hours of entertainment from this little project and we stayed cool enjoying the great outdoors so we marked it a success.  The plastic sheeting came two rolls to a pack so we'll have to try it again with a different taping technique and see if we can achieve better results.

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