Thursday, August 9, 2012

Growing Moths (or Butterflies)

Bekah and Scott have been interested in bugs all summer.  So when they found oodles of caterpillars gobbed on my willow tree in the backyard, they were all excited to shut a few up in jars and watch them turn into butterflies. Boy, did the little buggers EAT!  We had to put several fresh greens in the jars every day.  And then we had to shake out all the poop too!

It took just over a week for them to stop eating and form their cocoons, or chrysalis, or whatever it's called (can you tell I didn't do much research on this before we tried it?)  Then, of all the rotten luck, they came out while Bekah and Scott were gone for several days staying with Great-Grandma Helen!  So I took lots of pictures for them as I let them go.

Bekah was hoping for beautiful butterflies but it looks like a moth to me.  What say you?

Aren't those funky-looking?  The kids liked discovering how they got out (through the bottom) but left the shell of it intact.

I really could have done more with this as far as making it an educational experience for the kids, and myself as apparently I know nothing.  What can I say?  I'm only one woman.

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