Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Fail (x3)

Bekah had grand plans to make a mini hot air balloon this evening.  Not sure what made her think up this idea, but we ran with it.

Take one:

plastic grocery bag, popsicle stick "basket", fishing line, tealight 

Is it getting hot under there?

Nope.  After I explain how a hot air balloon works, the kids figure our version has too big of a bag for the small tealight candle and that the candle is too far from the opening of the bag.  Bekah jumps up to retrieve a smaller bag she knows she has in her room.

While we wait, Scott entertains me by "jumpin' up while cwossin' my legs".

And who wouldn't be entertained by that?  He got some pretty good air, actually.

Bekah is back with a smaller plastic bag.

Take Two:

This time we set the bag right on top of the candle after fluffing it open as far as it will go. 
Come on, come on!!!

Oh no!  BAG ON FIRE!!!

Time for some research.  We google "what are hot air balloons made out of" and are disappointed to find we don't have any of the best materials on hand which include rip-stop nylon, dacron and the fire resistant Nomex.  Next we google "how to make a mini hot air balloon and are pointed to these instructions on Wikihow:
Take Three:

plastic bag, pipe cleaners twisted into a circle (substituted for straws), fishing line (substituted for string), cardboard square, birthday candles

Dad helps this time.  He lights it up and...
...burns the fishing line.  The birthday candles burn upside down and we suffer our third failure of the night.

I think it was good for the kids to keep trying and having it not work out.  It was fun to hear them come up with ideas that might make it work better.  And since we never did succeed, we can continue the fun and experimentation another night!

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