Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things about my 3 Today

Alarik makes known what he likes and doesn't like.  I've witnessed some toy-taking, pushing, and screeching when someone does something that irritates him.  He's also become a bit of a stinker at the dinner table.  No veggies, please.  Grrrrrr...
On the cute side, he's high-fiving and punching it (thanks Auntie Stephie) and is still as smiley as ever.  He LOVES to be outside and cuddle up for story time.

Scott is learning to tie his shoes.  He did awesome the first night we worked on it but now gets frustrated quickly when it doesn't turn out right the first time.  Scott starts Kindergarten in a couple weeks but you wouldn't know it because he neither complains nor talks excitedly about it.  He was the same way about preschool.  When it's time to go, he'll go, and there won't be much hoopla over it.  It would be nice if he'd get excited about it but I guess it could be worse. 
Many of my inquiries as to whether or not Scott has done something he's expected to do are met with an incredulous "Why wouldn't I???"  For example:
Me:  Scott, did you brush your teeth?
Scott:  Why wouldn't I??? (said with impatience and irritation)
Me:  Oh, I don't know...maybe because I typically have to ask you fourteen times before you do anything?
But the boy makes up for all that orneriness by occasionally coming crashing in for the unprompted hug and kiss, complete with a "love you mom!" that can just make my day!

 Bekah.  What can I say about Bekah today?  She fancies herself the enforcer at daycare and constantly tries to tell all the younger kids (and sometimes Steph) what to do!  She's dying to have a small tv/vcr set in her room that Great Grandma Helen sent home with us about a month ago.  Jesse and I are against tv's in bedrooms but we told her if she proved responsible, we'd consider it.  She practiced piano for two days without being asked and then that fell by the wayside.  The tv is still sitting in the corner of the living room.
 Bekah is forever planning elaborate "projects" such as the hot air balloon earlier this week.  Tonight it was a miniature log cabin and log dog house with a pipe cleaner man and dog.  No small task - and I wonder why my laundry never gets folded and put away!

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