Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trip Out West Day Nine: Devil's Tower and Custer, SD

There was much less drive time the next day which was a relief.  We had breakfast at our hotel and then drove just a couple hours to Devil's Tower.

The 1.3 mile hike around the tower was easy and fun.  The path was paved so we could use the stroller for Alarik.

 You were allowed to "scramble" off the trail and Bekah and Scott did a lot of that!

They also had fun pretending to hold up the rock:

 On the backside of the trail, there was a pretty scenic overlook:

Bekah, Scott and Alarik posed in front of the monument.  The one picture where they all actually appear to be looking at the camera and it's not a close-up, of course.

 And then Alarik crashed.

Bekah was interested in the facts about animals that live near, and even on, the tower.

We visited the visitor's center and gift shop.  Bekah spent $20, almost all her remaining souvenir money, on a medallion commemorating the centennial of the 2006.  Wouldn't you think that type of thing would be on clearance or something?  I tried to talk her out of it but Jesse stepped in with an "it's her money" stance so I shut up.  Never mind that he also let her spend $30 on a necklace at a gift shop back in Bigfork, MT just because she was dying to buy something...ANYTHING!.  She's such a girl and he's such a sucker for her.  But anyway...

We stopped on our way out of the monument area at the Longhorn Cafe for lunch and I had a buffalo burger.  It was good, but really didn't taste that much different than ground beef and cost $4 more.
We drove on another hour or so to Rapid City, SD where we visited the historic Dino Park.

Jesse was loving this hat for Alarik in the gift shop, but we didn't buy it.

 One of my attempts to get a good picture of all three kids together.
 Not much of a success.

 Our cabin was just outside the west entrance to Custer State Park but since we'd  driven down from the north end, we got to drive through the park on our way.  We were so glad we did because not more than a mile or so from the entrance, there was the famous buffalo herd, right next to the road!  They are such amazing creatures.

 We drove on to our cabin and got settled in for the night.  It was a cozy little place; perfect for our short three-night stay before heading home.

It only had a shower stall so we had to get creative for Alarik's bath!

That night at bedtime, Bekah and Scott were sure they heard what sounded "just like a buffalo's breath" right outside their window!  I had to go outside in the dark and check it out for them.  No buffalo roaming wild in the yard...whew!  Thanks to that, I'm sure, I had a dream that night that Jesse and Kieth were out in a field with all our boys and a buffalo herd was coming.  I was screaming at them to get in the car and they were just laughing at me.  Then a buffalo rode by on a bicycle.  The end.

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