Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trip Out West Day Ten: Custer and Rushmore

 Since we only had two full days in the Black Hills, and because we'd been there for a week two summer's ago, we just focused on Custer State Park and Mt. Rushmore, two of our favorite places from our last trip.  Though we'd been to the park before, we hadn't done many of the stops and places of interest so this time around, we pretty much did all there is to do there.  First up was Gordon Stockade:

The story of the stockade is very interesting and involves illegal squatting and removal by the government.

Jesse admired the unique shingling technique.

And Bekah got an up close view of the sod roofed cabin.

The next stop was Mt. Coolidge Firetower.  What a view from up here!  You could see Crazy Horse, The Needles, Harney Peak and Mt. Rushmore from the top.  Supposedly you could even see the Badlands but it wasn't clear enough on this day.

We made our way to the Badger Hole next where we learned about Charles Badger Clark, South Dakota's first poet laureate.  I can see how he found inspiration for his many writings in this place.

On down the road a stretch, this pair of bighorn sheep crossed right in font of our truck - very cool!

It was lunchtime by then so we stopped at the State Game Lodge for the buffet.  We also visited the nearby Coolidge General Store and got a few souvenirs including a super-cute park ranger style hat for Alarik to replace the two sun hats he lost on our hike in MT. 

We left the park after that and drove Iron Mountain Road to Keystone and then on to Mt. Rushmore.

We hiked the Presidential Trail and stopped to take pictures at all the different vantage points.

 It was hot and the kids got tired fast.  So did Jesse and when several busloads of foreign tourists got dropped off and started streaming in, he'd had enough and we hurried on out of there and back to the quiet of the cabin.

We drove by Prairie Berry Winery and, due to seeing numerous billboards for Red Ass Rhubarb wine, we succumbed to advertising and pulled in.  Jesse sent me in and said that if I tasted something I liked, I should buy two bottles.  Well who knew that they let you taste five wines for free and, lo and behold, there were three that I liked.  I came out with five bottles of wine and two souvenir glasses!  Yummmmmm!

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  1. The picture of all three kids at Mt. R turned out great!!! Mmmm, the wine looks tasty too!