Monday, August 6, 2012

Trip Out West Day Twelve: The Last Stretch Home

Jesse gets ants in his pants when it's time to head home so we were on the road by 5:15 a.m. - quite the shocker after our lazy vacation schedule.  Bekah, Alarik and I all slept more in the car but not Scott.  We made our way to Wall by 7am and stopped at Wall Drug for breakfast, playing in the backyard and the last chance for souvenirs.

It was already hot out, even at that early morning hour, so the water sprayers were a hit with the kids.

Except this guy...he wasn't too sure if he like getting sprayed.

A picture on the giant jackalope is a must!

By this time, Bekah had spent every last penny of her money but super-sweet little brother Scott came through for her when they both saw these miner's hats they wanted.  After she left the store with Jesse, Scott asked me if he could buy the a pink one for her.  Awwwww.....  She was so excited when he gave it to her!

After that there was no more stopping for fun and the kids got a little squirrely at times.

But we eventually made it and I snapped this picture of Alarik when he first set foot in the house again.  So happy to be home!

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