Sunday, September 30, 2012

Po. Ta. Toes.

My husband went goose hunting over in the western part of the state last weekend and came home with a couple of geese.  And a 50# sack of potatoes. 

 I'm not sure how he thought we'd ever use up 50 POUNDS of potatoes, but we got a good start on it this weekend with potato soup:

Scrambled eggs with potatoes, peppers and onions:
And corned goose with potatoes which I didn't bother to take a picture of because, honestly, it pretty closely resembled the potato soup, just with chunks of goose in it.

We're feeling a little like Bubba from Forrest Gump over here - mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, baked potatoes, twice-baked potatoes, potato soup, potato salad, potato pancakes, roasted potatoes, french fried potatoes...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Makeshift Ball Pit

I had purchased one of those big sacks of plastic, ball-pit type balls some time ago with the intention of doing this giant bubble activity I saw on pinterest.  I never got around to doing that before the weather turned cooler and the balls have been shoved in a corner of my closet all summer.  Alarik wanders in and finds them every now and again but I hadn't opened them yet so he could only wonder what they were all about.

Well, this past weekend I was rotating the kids' summer clothes to winter and ended up with an extra empty bin.  Alarik toddled out of  my closet hauling the sack of balls behind him and I thought, "Perfect"!  I sat him in the empty bin, dumped the balls in on top of him and MAN, did he ever love it!

 He sat in that bin for over half an hour, pitching balls out as fast as he could while Scottie and I scampered to toss them back in on him.

Now the bin is in the living room and tonight he went in and scattered every single ball out of it into every dark corner of the living room.  We picked them all up before bed but I suppose we'll be discovering them for a long time to come.  Oh well, it keeps him occupied while I cook dinner anyway!  And he helps pick them up and put them back in because that's apparently half the fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bedtime Storlies...uh, I mean Stories

Alarik loves to snuggle up with a book. Thankfully he's already branched out and chosen a few more that he likes, but his first favorite is Time for Bed by Mem Fox.  He loves to make whisper noises when I whisper the line "but don't tell a soul" and to shout "PUPPY" when we turn to the page where momma dog tells baby puppy that he has to go to sleep.

Scott told Jesse a few nights ago that he couldn't wait to learn to read because he wanted to read to Alarik.  Jesse told him not to wait then and to get working on it.  After school the next day, when I asked how his day went, he said "Fine but I wanted to learn to read and we didn't get to that yet."  Hee, hee, hee!

Since we all know Time For Bed by heart now, he was able to snuggle up and "read" to Alarik a little anyway.  Oh the joy when they got to the puppy page!

It's been getting chilly at night here in Northern MN so Jesse dug out some warmer pjs and when he put this pair on Alarik, the kid couldn't stop looking down and checking himself out.  He was mesmerized by the moose on the feet.

Scott is still toughin' it out in his tank top, but he and Bekah both love "zip-jammies" as they call them.  When they wear them they slide feet first on their bellies down our carpeted stairs as fast as they can go.  It makes quite a racket and you'd think it would hurt, but they love it!  If you don't want rug burns, zip-jammies are the only thing to wear when performing this stunt.

Bekah has been a bear in the mornings to get up for school and she always claims that she didn't sleep well.  Must be all the pink in her room keeping her awake.  You think?  She is all about chapter books now that she's advanced enough to read them and young enough to still think it's super-cool to have a chapter book.  We finished up Little House in the Big Woods a few weeks ago and haven't started a new one yet.  Any suggestions?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Movie Night

Jesse was busy with football on a recent Friday night so the two big kids and I made snacks for a movie night!

They wanted orange julius and we were fresh out of orange juice concentrate, but we did have a can of frozen strawberry daiquiri drink mix in the freezer and that turned out yum-my!  Especially mine because I added a splash of coconut rum - yum-my rum-my!

Next up was the popcorn:

 These two could only argue over the movie choice so I vetoed them both and chose "The Princess Bride".  They loved it!

We had a really good time together, snuggled on the couch enjoying our movie and treats.  I decided that I don't often enough indulge in a movie night with them.  Usually I end up doing stuff around the house instead of sitting and watching.  It's easier now that they are a little older and we can watch some good ol' classics like "The Princess Bride".  Because a mom can only handle so much Scooby-Doo!

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Smart Little Man

I have the smartest baby ever!
 He already says "CHEEEEEZE" and knows he can see the photo right away on the camera.

 He's found a great place to stash his sippy cup when he's not drinking out of it.

He nods "yes" when we ask him if he wants to eat, wants his milk, wants to read a story, take a bath, go to bed, etc.  It's so adorable because he bobs the whole top half of his body instead of just his head, like he's bowing.  I'm amazed at how many questions he understands and answers with his special nod.  I'm also floored by other things he comprehends.  The other day I told him to go get his socks and he toddled off and then came back with a sock!  Granted, it was one of Jesse's, but still!

 He has always been, and continues to be, the happiest baby I've ever known.  He's always smiling!
He has the most adorable little grin that he does while wrinkling up his nose and I'm on a mission to capture it.  Expect many pictures when I finally succeed!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Hey, this kid isn't in school yet!  What's he doing here???

 It's sad enough for me that this one is starting Kindergarten, so let's not rush it with the baby.  Could I ever, I mean, even just once, get a decent picture of Scott? 

And here's the fashion-ista of the family, Miss Bekah:
Colorful, knee-high socks are becoming her signature piece.