Friday, September 7, 2012

My Smart Little Man

I have the smartest baby ever!
 He already says "CHEEEEEZE" and knows he can see the photo right away on the camera.

 He's found a great place to stash his sippy cup when he's not drinking out of it.

He nods "yes" when we ask him if he wants to eat, wants his milk, wants to read a story, take a bath, go to bed, etc.  It's so adorable because he bobs the whole top half of his body instead of just his head, like he's bowing.  I'm amazed at how many questions he understands and answers with his special nod.  I'm also floored by other things he comprehends.  The other day I told him to go get his socks and he toddled off and then came back with a sock!  Granted, it was one of Jesse's, but still!

 He has always been, and continues to be, the happiest baby I've ever known.  He's always smiling!
He has the most adorable little grin that he does while wrinkling up his nose and I'm on a mission to capture it.  Expect many pictures when I finally succeed!

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