Monday, September 24, 2012

Makeshift Ball Pit

I had purchased one of those big sacks of plastic, ball-pit type balls some time ago with the intention of doing this giant bubble activity I saw on pinterest.  I never got around to doing that before the weather turned cooler and the balls have been shoved in a corner of my closet all summer.  Alarik wanders in and finds them every now and again but I hadn't opened them yet so he could only wonder what they were all about.

Well, this past weekend I was rotating the kids' summer clothes to winter and ended up with an extra empty bin.  Alarik toddled out of  my closet hauling the sack of balls behind him and I thought, "Perfect"!  I sat him in the empty bin, dumped the balls in on top of him and MAN, did he ever love it!

 He sat in that bin for over half an hour, pitching balls out as fast as he could while Scottie and I scampered to toss them back in on him.

Now the bin is in the living room and tonight he went in and scattered every single ball out of it into every dark corner of the living room.  We picked them all up before bed but I suppose we'll be discovering them for a long time to come.  Oh well, it keeps him occupied while I cook dinner anyway!  And he helps pick them up and put them back in because that's apparently half the fun.

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