Sunday, September 30, 2012

Po. Ta. Toes.

My husband went goose hunting over in the western part of the state last weekend and came home with a couple of geese.  And a 50# sack of potatoes. 

 I'm not sure how he thought we'd ever use up 50 POUNDS of potatoes, but we got a good start on it this weekend with potato soup:

Scrambled eggs with potatoes, peppers and onions:
And corned goose with potatoes which I didn't bother to take a picture of because, honestly, it pretty closely resembled the potato soup, just with chunks of goose in it.

We're feeling a little like Bubba from Forrest Gump over here - mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, baked potatoes, twice-baked potatoes, potato soup, potato salad, potato pancakes, roasted potatoes, french fried potatoes...

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