Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The Merry Little Christmas Sale will be upon me before I know it.  Last year I played the new baby card and didn't make one darn thing for the sale.  This year I figure I better step it up.

I've been pinning craft ideas on Pinterest for months now and it was time to start making good on some of them so last weekend I got down to work.

I ended up with two craft fails that both involved homemade mod podge.  I had pinned two different recipes for it, the easiest of which was just watered down Elmer's glue.  I only had Elmer's clear, washable glue on hand so I used that.  I'm thinking that's where my downfall was.  The first project I tried with it was tinting mason jars.  Now, the ones on pinterest were so deeply colored and beautiful.  By the time mine dried, the color was barely noticeable. Fail.

My next project was the simple task of mod podging cute scrapbook paper onto nice, sturdy, flip-top cardboard box.  The paper curled at the edges and, for the most part, did not adhere to the box at all.  Fail again.

I did have one success amid all this failure though.  This cute knotted headband made from old t-shirts:
Find the instructions here.  I used the same technique to make some bracelets and I also braided a few bracelets, connecting them the same way the headband was done.  Easy and cute!

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