Friday, October 12, 2012

Wish List

Last year I downloaded a handy little app called "Wish List"

I created a list for each person in our family.  I hadn't used the list since then, but this is about the time of year I start keeping my ears open for good gift ideas and I'd had a few lately that I didn't want to forget so I went to enter them into the wish list app.  Apparently Bekah investigated what the wish list app was all about when she was playing on the ipod one day because here is what her list now looks like and I bet you can tell where my entries end and hers start.
 Ha, ha!  Scott to stop talking?  Really Bekah?  Because Scott's not typically the one driving me nuts with incessant jabbering.  :)
And I must explain, the "earmuffs to sleep in" came about because she hates the sound of the wind howling outside her window and claims she never sleeps because of it so she needed earmuffs to block the sound.
Funny stuff.


  1. Hahahaha! This is beyond funny!

  2. OM Gosh, hahah!! Your kids are really on a roll lately!