Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Collection of Funnies

Kids are just the best entertainment you could ever ask for.

Bekah made us chuckle awhile back when we asked her how many kids were attending religious release classes this year.  She only named off a few and when I asked if that was it, she said, "well, that's all for the...what are we called again?...prosthetics?"  Took a moment to realize she meant "protestants"!

Here's a few of her other comments that have made us smile:

"I don't like rootbeer floats cuz the rootbeer makes the ice cream all...sizzly."

"The foot is my favorite unit of measurement"

When Bekah complained that the Spanish teacher was hard to understand, I asked if that was because she only speaks in Spanish to them or if it was because she had an accent.  Bekah answered, "Well, she does speak mostly in Spanish, but even when she speaks English, and she tries her best, but it just comes out know...Spanishy" 

Scott keeps us shaking our heads and laughing pretty much on a daily basis.  Here's a few of his recent good ones:

"Mom, know why I don’t empty my boots at daycare when they get sand in them?  Cuz I wanna bring it home and add it to my sandbox!"
"What do people mean when they say “have a good one” to other people?"

To Grandma Linda: I learned two new words today!
Grandma:  That’s great! I learned a new word today too!
Scott:  What?????? (obviously frustrated) You’re so old and there’s still more words to learn?

After not cleaning his room very well, "Well mom, I’m just not in a cleaning mood”

The song "American Honey" was playing and Scott asked me, "Does she mean the honey you eat or your husband that you call honey sometimes?"

On the way home with book orders:  “Mom, can we get four each?”
Me:  I’ll have to think about it.
A few moments later.  “Mom, are you done thinkin’ about it yet?”
Me:  No.  You can mark the ones you like and I’lll see what we can order this time.
A few more miles down the road:  Mo-om, you should be done thinkin’ about it by now!”

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