Friday, November 23, 2012

Bekah Goes to Work

Last year Scott came to work with me the day after Thanksgiving and had so much fun that Bekah has been planning the entire last year for it to be her turn this time.  There was no way I was taking that day off since she was so excited to come with!
I work in a different department now so she got to do different things than Scott did.  Her favorite thing was shredding paper in the monstrous paper shredder we have down in materials.  She also liked going up to the new cafeteria for snacks and she claimed her breakfast hadn't stuck with her so we actually had to go twice for refreshments.  I think the elevator was part of the appeal of that as well.  She liked dusting supply shelves at first, but that didn't last long.

Since I am in a different department now, Bekah was worried I wouldn't be able to make her a badge like I had for Scott, but Sandy was up in the HR office so we snuck in and she let us make one.

We had several deliveries to make throughout the facility and Bekah enjoyed loading up the supply carts and wheeling them where they needed to go.  She got so excited that she was bounding down the hallways and more than one I had to tell her to slow down in case a patient or co-worker was coming around the corner.  The second or third time I reminded her, she stopped dead in her tracks and, with a straight face said, "That's right, Mom.  I have to act 'professionally".  She made quotation marks with her fingers as she said "professionally".  Not sure where she saw that but apparently she hasn't quite figured out how it's used yet!

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