Monday, November 19, 2012

Blueberry-Walnut-Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This past weekend was the last one for me and the kids to be hanging out at home while Daddy was away at the hunting shack. I made them pancakes both mornings and Sunday morning I wanted to doctor them up with some yummy fresh blueberries I'd bought at the store. While looking on the side of the pancake mix box, I saw they suggested chocolate chips or walnuts as add-ins as well. I thought, why not add all three at once?
I thought they turned out DEE-licious and Alarik was a big fan as well.
Bekah and Scott each left about half a pancake on their plate so they must not have been that impressed. Bekah claimed to not like blueberries which was irritating since I'd asked her before I made them if she wanted fresh blueberries in them and she'd said yes!  What a stinker. 

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