Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Fest 2012

I almost forgot about Fall Fest!  Our 5th annual Fall Fest party was a great success, as usual.  We started off with a little pumpkin carving action.

The story of this activity was Scott.  He spent 1 hour and 45 minutes carving his pumpkin.  I know I'm not exaggerating because I checked the time on the photos.  What focus!

He was very proud of it when he was done, as he should be!  He had a lot of extra things carved into it other than a face.  Actually, it was more carved than not which caused it to shrivel up within a couple days of the party.  Oh well.

Bekah was proud of her pumpkin too.  Especially of the carved piece that she stuck back into it's mouth so that it was sticking out its tongue.  

Here are all the pumpkins lined up in a row.

And here's all those pumpkins matched up with the kid that created them!

This is the best picture of Bekah I've gotten in awhile so I just had to include it.
Besides pumpkin carving, we roasted hot dogs to go with the rest of the spread of food which included such delicious, Haloweeny desserts as Oreo truffle eyeballs and striped cookie witch hats.  We also had the customary hay ride.

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