Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lost Teeth, Books, Birthday Cakes and Lies

Bekah lost a tooth several days ago.  It's the 8th one by her count.  The tooth fairy left a dollar under her pillow.

Alarik loves to "read" and be read to.  On this day, Scott thought it would be nice if Alarik had a booster seat on the couch so he put Bekah's cushy little SpongeBob chair up there for him.  He looks nice and comfy there.

My birthday was on Tuesday and I took the day off to hang out at home with the kids since the older two were off of school for end of the quarter.  They baked me a birthday cake in Bekah's Easy-Bake oven.  I helped them get out the ingredients and the measuring cups and spoons but they did the rest all by themselves.  It turned out quite edible! They even put candles on it and had me blow them out.

Scott's teacher uses a green-yellow-red chart system for behavior and he is always happy to tell us that he was in the green all day long.  One day last week he got busted though.  After telling us he'd been in the green, we found out he'd been in the red.  He was punished for lying - one night of firewood/other chores and a week of no screen time - and we made sure to emphasize that they lying was a bigger deal than the talking in class that got him moved into the red was.
Well then, this week he got in the yellow two days in a row and he acted rather nonchalant about the whole thing.  I think he figured since he told us about it right away, he was in the clear.  We didn't want to encourage lying but we also didn't want him to think he could do whatever he wanted as long as he was honest about it, so his punishment after the second day in a row of yellow was to haul a few wheelbarrow loads of firewood.  It's a nice little pile he has going there, isn't it?

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