Monday, November 5, 2012


Besides all the funny comments and one-liners, the kids have some adorable little mis-pronunciations that always make me smile.
Scott often puts "up" in place of "ex" - "up-scuse me" instead of "excuse me" and "up-cept" instead of "except" and both Bekah and Scott still say "renember" instead of "remember".  Jesse always corrects them.  I never do.  I think it's cute and that they will eventually realize they are saying it different from everybody else and correct it.  Until then I'm just going to enjoy it.  Then again, they might just be the next irritating adult who says "I seen" or "ain't".  Maybe I shouldn't let it slide!

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  1. This makes me giggle. No one corrected Dustin when he was a kid and I have a list of his famous mispronunciations. It's so cute, but so wrong of me! Let's hope our little man won't pick up on daddy's bad speaking habits! Food for thought ;) hehehe!