Friday, November 2, 2012

My Little Halloweenies

Bekah and Scott didn't want any cute costumes for Halloween this year.  Nope, it was all about the classics with Bekah wanting to be a vampire and Scott wanting to be a ghost.

True to form, Bekah couldn't be just any vampire.  She had to be fashionable which meant additions to the standard vampire ensemble such as a green wig, thigh-high purple and green striped socks under her black skirt, and matching striped fingerless gloves.

And Scott had been very specific about the type of ghost he wanted to be.  He had to have "that mask with the long open mouth".  Not sure where he'd ever even seen that before, but I found it and he was thrilled.  He was also thrilled with the cloak I made for him.  It consisted of two yards of black fabric safety pinned to a black long sleeve shirt and then ripped to shreds.  I must say, it did look pretty awesome!

And then there was Alarik, our cute little baby bat.  We figured with Bekah and Scott going the classic Halloween route, Alarik better follow suit so I whipped up a costume for him using a black zip up hoodie and some felt wings and ears.

 He wasn't exactly a happy little bat.  He was a little off all day. 

Jesse took Alarik home after we'd hit up both Grandma's houses (homemade cookies from Grandma Dianna and homemade popcorn balls from Grandma Linda) and then I took Bekah and Scott to the party at the Marcell Family Center.  They played games and loaded up on candy there and then we trick-or-treated our way around town and home.  Getting up for school the next morning was a bummer for Bekah...and for me!  But Halloween comes but once a year!


  1. The Pic Monkey pics are cool!!!

  2. Is that the real moon in the picture of baby bat Alarik?

  3. Nope. That's a pic monkey addition. The real moon was in the pic but was waaaay smaller!