Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Parent-Teacher Conferences

How timely of me to have discussed the kids' mis-pronunciations - Scott's teacher told Jesse and I at his conference last night that she'd like to have the speech teacher come in and observe him and see if she recommends any extra speech help for him.  He has a lot of trouble with his Rs, which we knew (and I still think it's adorable when he says it like a W instead)  but he also has trouble with his Js which I hadn't noticed.  So we'll see what they have to say about that.
That was the only thing close to a concern that she had about Scottie.  It was fun to hear her observations of him.  She marveled at how night-and-day different he is than Bekah!  He's so quiet and serious...and she's SO not!  Scott's doing well in all the areas that they are scored in at this point in the year and his behavior is great.  I worried that his biggest hurdle would be wanting to go to school at all.  I figured he'd be fine at first but then get tired of it and start to complain about going.  Not so.  He's taken it all in stride, just like he did preschool.  He doesn't get all excited about it, but he's not nervous or not wanting to go either.  He just is.  And that's Scott for ya'!

The 1st and 2nd grade teachers co-teach those classrooms and both had glowing reports about Bekah.  She is testing near the top of her 2nd grade level in both reading and math.  Jesse and I knew she was a great reader and that math came pretty easily to her, but then her teachers started talking about how kind she is and told us that she's a great friend to everyone.  The 2nd grade teacher said her favorite thing about Bekah is that she is so much her own person.  (I knew those knee-high-sock-n-skirt outfits were doing some good!)  She said a lot of kids that are coming into their own at this age are either really academically gift or they are busy working out their own personality but that Bekah has the whole package already.  THAT makes a parent proud!

It's always nice to hear someone else confirm what you already (thought you) knew - that your kids are AWESOME!

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