Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012, Part 3

We left for Remer about 10:30 Christmas morning, after cleaning up breakfast and bundling up against the ten-below weather.  Grandma Helen had a grand feast for us and way too many presents, as always.  Scott got so many toys that he was excited about, most notably, a watch from Grandma Dianna that projects the bat signal, a car-carrying semi from Grandma Helen, and a spiderman web-slinging glove from Uncle Eric and Auntie Londa.

Bekah got Barbies, pink glittery clothing, and this cute sock hat that she wore all day long.

Alarik got diapers and toys, toys, toys!

On our way home from Remer, we stopped at Grandpa Tom's and Great-Grandma Lorraine's for more visiting.  There is such a big crowd at the family gathering so it's nice to bring the kids to the house so they can spend more time with them.  Grandpa Tom had so many gifts for them.  Between that and the Remer gifts, the back of our truck was literally full!  I really wish they would scale back but they love to buy for the kids.

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