Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

Do you think Bekah or Scott was the first one up our house on Christmas morning?  No matter which you guessed, you are wrong.  It was me!  I was too excited for them and I woke up at 5am!  I filled the fire, then managed to go back to sleep until about 6:30.  Then I played on the ipad until they finally came down at about 7:30.

Santa brought a hotwheels toy for Alarik, Captain America mask and shield for Scott, and a new mp3 player for Bekah.

This is Bekah's expression upon firing up the mp3 player and hearing that Santa had loaded it with the Taylor Swift song "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" - one she's been wanting but we don't have.  How's that for Santa's magic?

The kids' stockings were stuffed with little toys, treats and toothbrushes.

Bekah's favorite stocking stuffer was this cute little stuffed hedgehog.

 Scott liked his Captain America sock hat.

And Alarik's favorite seemed to be his Elmo toothbrush!

We moved on to presents after that.  Alarik got a big box of diapers!

And a savings bond.  I told you, Jesse and I were duds this year when it came to him.  He spent most of Christmas morning munching cheerios, drinking milk from his sippy cup, and picking up everyone's paper scraps for them.  He loves to put stuff in the garbage!

Bekah was thrilled with the Slurpee making machine that Scott picked out for her.  Actually, she was thrilled with every single thing she opened and her expression and reaction was pretty much over the top for all of it.  It was fun to watch!

Jesse and I got a couple of gifts that were for all three of them. 

"The Big Mean Dust Bunny" book was so well received that Bekah read it out loud immediately after opening it.  All three kids love "Rhyming Dust Bunnies" so this was a fun new one to get.

Bekah had made a puppy pull toy for Alarik out of cardboard and yarn and she was happy to see him play with it for a quite a long time after he opened it.

We always make something special for breakfast on Christmas Morning and this year we decided to try a recipe for egg nog french toast off the side of the egg nog carton.  It turned out very yummy!

Jesse bought me a carpet cleaner and I can't wait to clean every carpet fiber in this house!  I bought him snares and a book about snaring which is something he wants to get into this winter.

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