Sunday, December 23, 2012

Drawings by Scott

This is some major progress from a kid who cried over a preschool homework assignment to draw a dinosaur because he didn't know HOW to draw a dinosaur.  Bekah is usually the one scrawling elaborate scenes, usually to go along with the books she's always writing.  But Scott's come a long way and it's mostly due to the journaling they do at school.  Check out these two pages that were in his November journal:

This one is the Spiderman web-slinger he wants for Christmas (Uncle Eric and Auntie Londa are getting it for him.  Shhh...don't tell!)

And this one I just love.  It's Scott and Jesse in the deer stand and Scott has just shot a buck.  You can see that he hit it in just about the perfect spot, maybe a little far back, but a kill shot nonetheless.  The rectangular item just off the buck's snout is the shell Scott has ejected from his gun so he must be hunting with slugs.  Awesome picture.

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