Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve!

There are a couple reasons Jesse and I are duds and are sitting here at home at 10pm on New Year's Eve:
1.  Jesse just got home from a 5-day Boundary Waters spearing trip and is exhausted.
2.  I had to work today and have to work tomorrow.
3.  It's more fun to stay home with the kids anyway!

We had planned to go to the Pratos but when I got word that Jesse wouldn't be home until 7pm, I decided to just stay home.  With no dinner planned, I threw together crescent dogs with mac n cheese when I got home from work and then the kids and I whipped up a chocolate cake and a welcome home, Daddy banner.

After dinner we just hung out together, playing games, wrestling and catching up with Dad.

Chocolate cake time!

I had to do something New Year's Eve-y, so I used this idea from Life Sprinkled with Glitter and we each did The New Year Times sheet and shared our answers.  Scott's best thing that happened this year was his Angry Birds birthday party.  Jesse, Bekah and I all put our Montana trip.

Happy New Year from the Storlies!

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