Sunday, December 30, 2012

Long Weekend of Fun

Since I had to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas because of the payroll schedule at work, I took off Thursday and Friday so I'd have a four day weekend to hang out and play with the kids.  Jesse was spearing in the Boundary Waters so the kids and I had the run of the place for the whole weekend.
Bekah got to have an overnight with Corinne on Thursday night.  The boys and I had boys night with nachos for dinner and staying up late playing with new toys.

Since Bekah wasn't around to argue with about it, Scott got to sleep in my bed with me.  They love to do that when Daddy's away!

Scott informed me that he put his dino toys in the middle of the bed so if I felt them when I was rolling over, I better stop.  Hmm...seems to me he has more than half the bed there, don't you think?
Turns out Scott is a nighttime tooth-grinder and wow, oh wow, is that a cringe-inducing habit.  I know now why Jesse freaked out on me all the time in the  middle of the night when I used to do it!

On Friday, Bekah and Corrine came to our house to play.  It's been below zero for several days but it warmed up a bit the last couple so we went outside to play for awhile.

We got a little work done as well, mostly hauling Christmas garbage and two of the three Christmas trees over to the burn pile.  The tree from the boys' room is still up on the screen porch roof.  That thing literally had about a dozen needles left on it after I got it shoved out their window.  It was the most brittle tree I've ever seen!  Next year I think we'll just put the tree on the screen porch roof to begin with and let the boys keep their curtain open so they can see its lights.  Then I won't have to vacuum up two dirt cups full of pine needles after Christmas!

Once our few chores and sledding were done, we came in and had to have hot chocolate to warm ourselves up.

I really know how to treat myself and have a good time when Jesse's away.  After the kids were in bed Friday night...I shampooed the carpets with my new carpet cleaner!!!  Wooo-weeeee!

On Saturday Bekah went on another sleepover, this time to the Pratos.  Steph and I made a grocery run and checked out the after Christmas sales (nothing too fantastic) and then scrapbooked for the rest of the day while the boys played.

Bekah was home by noon today and we crammed a whole lot more fun into our last day at home together.  Bekah and Scott wanted a party while Alarik napped.  Why not?  We blew up a bunch of balloons and started the party!
First up was games.  Before the Sorry! game started, I made Bekah and Scott swear to a pact that they could not get whiny, crabby and pouty if they were losing.  If they became any of those three things, they had to get up and flap their arms and cluck like a chicken before play could continue.

I had to threaten Scott one time when Bekah sent him back to start, but the game went smoothly otherwise.

Next up was Connect 4 which Bekah just got for Christmas.

This isn't the same old Connect 4 we used to play.  You can play it that way, but this new version also has "Power" chips that add to the strategy.  Way to go, Hasbro!

Feeling a little parched after all that game playing, we headed to the kitchen for some party drinks...Slurpees from Bekah's new Slurpee machine!

Bekah and Scott went out sledding and snowboarding then and when Alarik woke up from his nap, we joined them.  Alarik loved going down the hill with me so I let Bekah start him at the top of the hill in his little sled and I caught him at the bottom and made sure he didn't crash into any brush.

This picture is a little blurry because I was more focused on catching him than on getting a good picture, but you can sure tell how much he is loving it!

We stayed out until dinner time, then came in and had nachos for dinner (again - I'm not much of a cook when Jesse's gone).  Check out the chill-axin baby, ha!

Party balloons!

And what's a party without presents?  We just happened to receive a box from Nikki and Dave in the mail a couple days ago and with Bekah gone, we hadn't opened it yet.  Perfect!

Hungry, Hungry Hippo fun - Scott is INTO this game!

And Bekah pouted when Scott won so here she is acting like a chicken.  That little trick worked like a charm.  She was giggling again in no time.

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