Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Merry Little Crafts by Bekah and Scott

Bekah and Scott cranked out several crafts for the Merry Little Christmas Sale this year.  Their involvement in the annual sale thus far has consisted of Bekah scrawling tons of stick-figure pictures at top speed that she thinks everyone will snatch up like hotcakes.  This year, I was pro-active and searched out several easy projects for both her and Scott to work on for the sale.

These nativity hangings were the first thing they completed:

Then they crafted some tree ornaments from green craft sticks, cardstock, pipecleaners and jewel/star stickers:

Bekah helped me stain and assemble these holy family ornaments:

We whipped up these fragrant fire starters one Saturday while Alarik was napping.  They are filled with cinnamon sticks, birch bark and cedar sprigs.

And their last project was these cute candy heart pops made from miniature candy canes and melted chocolate chips with sprinkles.

I hope they each make a few bucks at the sale!  It will be fun to be able to take them Christmas shopping with their very own hard-earned cash.

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