Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas 2012, Part 1

Our celebrating started on Saturday with a gathering at the Kallinen's with my side of the family.  Dinner was served at noon and we should have made a double-batch of cheesy potatoes!  Jesse's turkey was delicious and there were no leftovers of mom's rolls, as usual.  The kids actually went and played outside before they started bugging about opening presents!  At present time, Scott was thrilled with a Captain America poster and toy, as well as Pop-Tarts (a favorite treat that we rarely have in our house).

 Bekah received the Wrap Star.  It's a long, bendy microphone/sound effect toy.  It's loud.  It's rockstar-ish.  It's annoying.  She loves it!

 We had the traditional game of dirty dice.  This year's hot items were Bath & Body works goodies (no surprise) and a telescoping backscratcher!  After that it was pose-for-pictures time.  Here's Grandma Linda with her dozen grandkids.  Matt is the oldest at 22 and Alarik is the youngest at 19 months.  What a crew!

Storlie Family picture:

 And since Alarik napped through the gift opening, he tore into his later.

Our celebrating continued the next day when we went to Deer River after church to celebrate with Jesse's dad's whole family.  We gathered at Morse Town Hall and had a big meal, then opened presents.  The kids enjoyed playing in the bounce house that Great-Grandma Lorraine had rented and the older kids played basketball.

I had to work on Christmas Eve which was a bummer but at least we didn't miss out on any gatherings.  Jesse and the kids did some firewood and played at home all day, then we went to the candlelight service at church that evening.  Afterwards, Bekah and Scott opened their traditional Christmas Eve gift of new jammies.

Usually it's Christmas jammies but this year I found a deal on Angry Birds ones and they were lovin' 'em!

Angry Birds under our Christmas tree:

Alarik sort of got the short end of the stick this Christmas.  He did not need one more toy or piece of clothing.  He's too young to know any better so we saved ourselves the money and the space in his dresser drawers and toybox!  He was having a great time no matter what! And, believe me, he got enough toys from the grandparents to more than make up for Jesse and I being duds!

Bekah and Scott pulled out all the stops for Santa's treats this year.

Just look at that smorgasbord!  Cookies, hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer, egg nog, another candy cane, and special treats for the reindeer, complete with a note as to which treat was for which reindeer, how much they got, and when to feed it to them.  (We are finding that Bekah is a bit of a micro-manager.)

Next up, Christmas Morning...stay tuned!

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