Thursday, December 20, 2012

School Christmas Concert

Bekah and Scott had their school Christmas concert last night.  It was thoroughly enjoyable!  The concert was held in the Edge center and it's impossible to get good pictures in there, even if you have a big, expensive camera, so all I have is this shot of them ready to head to the school.
If they aren't just the perfect picture of the difference between girls and boys...
Bekah would have layered on as much more glitter and frills and bling as we'd have let her and Scott was put out to be in anything other than nylon pants and a superhero t-shirt.

Scott's class sang"Jingle Bells".  Scott tried to disappear behind the kid next to him, then sang along a little bit, then either sang or was just mouthing the words very animatedly, then got the giggles after catching Preston, Ethan and Joey hamming it up out of the corner of his eye.

Bekah's class sang "Jingle Bell Rock" and you could pick her voice out of the crowd.  She had a part in the reader's theater of Polar Express.  You could definitely hear her voice among the other three she was reading with.  Last but not least Bekah played a piano solo of Jingle Bells.  I was so proud of her for waltzing across that huge stage, sitting primly at that big grand piano and plunking out her song.  She made a couple of mistakes but kept right on going, then walked to the edge of the stage and took a bow!  Jesse and I had to laugh because she'd told us that the only thing that went wrong at the afternoon performance was that she'd forgotten to take her music with her when she left the piano and then had to run back and get it and everyone laughed.  She forgot it again and never did remember it.  The next performer grabbed it for her when she took her own stuff.  Funny, funny kids!

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