Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday School Pageant

I can't believe how busy our December has been!  I'm trying very hard not to stress about making time for all our fun traditions and to truly enjoy what we are finding time for.  Jesse and I went and finished our Christmas shopping on Saturday.  On Sunday we enjoyed the kids in the Sunday School program at church.  It's your typical manger scene Christmas pageant, and we wouldn't have it any other way!  Bekah was an angel for at least the third year in a row and Scott was one of the three wise men for year #2.  Actually, last year there were 4 wise men because Scott refused to be anything other than what Gavin and Caden were being!

Scott's still working on that whole reading thing, so he pretty much just stood there. 

Jesse and I were just happy that he didn't hide behind anyone or under the manger or anything like that - a big improvement from his hiding-under-the-table antics at his preschool graduation back in May.  Oh, how they grow!  :)

Bekah made a very lovely little angel.  She even sang.  When she knew the words, that is.

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