Monday, January 21, 2013

One More Sick Day

An unexpected day at home is so nice.  At least it is when your kid has perked up enough that you can stop worrying about him!

Scott is much better today but still has a touch of fever and is coughing a lot so no school for him.  He, Alarik and I have been enjoying a day at home.  They played trains all morning.  Scott amazes me with the train tracks he can create.

Yuck, look at that snot nose - hope he's not the next sickie in this house!

These are my two favorite trains, Mom!

We cuddled up and read a few books, the boys watched some Thomas DVDs and I got quite a list of chores knocked off the list including sweeping and mopping the kitchen, laundry and stacking firewood.  And, of course, Scott's having more than his fair share of iPad time.

Besides being on the mend from this bug he caught, Scott's leg also seems to be A-ok.  He can put all his weight on it and was jumping up and down on both legs today.  Lying around for two days probably helped.  Here's hoping that's the end of that!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sweet Bekah and Sick Scottie

Scott is down and out with a bug and yesterday morning, Bekah insisted on bringing him breakfast in bed (or on the couch I guess).  So she piled all his favorite breakfast foods on a tray and delivered it to him along with a get well soon note.

 He was as impressed as could be for a kid spiking a fever and feeling generally crummy.

But he did manage to sit up and eat a bit.

On top of feeling sick, he started complaining about his leg again which had been so much better the last several days.  We had been told to come in for the CT scan Friday if he couldn't put all his weight on it by then.  He could put all his weight on it both Wednesday and Thursday nights.  15 minutes before clinic closing time on Friday, he starts limping again!  What the heck???  He was in no condition to go to the clinic yesterday morning so I guess we will just wait and see how he is in the morning before deciding what to do with him next.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

How Freaky Is This?

There are two reasons this group of photos creeps me out.

#1 - my kids look like little demons in some of them

#2 - I had NO IDEA where they came from at first!  I jumped on the computer this afternoon to sort some photos and these had just appeared out of nowhere.  It took me forever to discover that the kids had taken them using PhotoBooth on the iPad and they automatically got uploaded to our Dropbox folder so when I went to sort through the latest batch of photos that I transferred from the camera, there they were.  Wow, technology still amazes me!

And entertains the kids!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Favorite

Back when Alarik received so many cute handmade baby blankets, I wondered which one would eventually become his favorite.  Well folks, we have a winner!

This blanket made by the ladies of our church, with material from the old church building's nursery curtains, is the one Alarik's looking for when he asks, "bwankie?"
It's already been routed to Grandma Linda for repairs twice.  Jesse and I are pretty vigilant about washing it regularly and having him use one of his other lovely blankies for a couple days here and there so that he doesn't get too attached to it.  I'm not a fan of having to drag a lovey around every single place you go.  Plus this is one that we could never re-create if it got lost or destroyed, so it usually stays at home.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Veggies, Please

Bekah and Scott were both good, easy eaters, and they still are.  Even if they KNOW they don't like something on their plate, they abide by the rule that they have to try at least a bite of everything.  And there are lots and lots of veggies that they'll both eat with no complaint.

Alarik is a different story and I just don't know where we went wrong with that boy.  He is a picky eater and stubborn as all get out.  There have been numerous nights where he's had nothing but his milk for dinner because he just pushes his plate away and won't try a thing.  Jesse has more pull than me when it comes to getting him to try one bite.  Our overall strategy is that he does not get a special dinner cooked for him.  We know how smart he is when it comes to everything else, so he's certainly smart enough to learn how the dinner operations go around here.  That said, we aren't total meanies, so one part of the solution has become creative cooking.  Alarik will always eat bread, biscuits, etc so I jumped on and found a good mini muffin recipe.

 These little gems have carrots, pumpkin and banana in them, plus oatmeal so they are pretty healthy.

And he gobbles them up!  We use them both for breakfasts and snack time and we feel good knowing we got at least some amount of veggies in him for the day.

Friday, January 11, 2013


This adorable little hedgehog was in Bekah's stocking this year.  She named him Hedgie and he's one of her new favorite stuffed animals.

She also received a stuffed animal hammock to hold all her most precious stuffed animals.  Which is all of them.  Now it's her habit to take three to bed with her each night, rotating so that they all get a turn.  I totally feel her pain in having to choose who gets to sleep with her.  Growing up, I always felt that my stuffed animals had feelings and so I had to pay attention to each one and keep them all happy.  It's quite the burden.  Bekah does a great job though and, as she put it, at least the ones who aren't getting a turn to sleep in her bed are all together in the hammock.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sledding, Skating and Smashing Shins

Last weekend we spent a day at the Pratos enjoying all there is to enjoy about a nice winter's day.

 Sledding train!  The hill was fast and a little bit dangerous.

Scottie had a little mishap involving this sled.  They all piled in and went whizzing down the hill and his leg, which was hanging out the side, got smooshed between the sled and a tree.  He sat out the rest of the day's activities and we actually ended up going in for xrays when it wasn't much better a couple days later.  There was nothing broken and it seems to have improved quite a bit now so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it's nothing.

Skating time!  Bekah could skate all day...until her feet get cold that is.

 And Alarik could do this all day:
Bekah's snowpants are a little big (here's hoping she can wear 'em for two seasons then) so Dad had to make a little adjustment to keep her from skating over the bottoms of them.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pants Patchin' Fun

Good ol' Pinterest...adding projects to my to-do list that I have no time for!  But I HAD to make time to patch some of the kids' jeans using this super-cute, super-fun idea:

 Scott's making them kiss in this photo:

If you need to try it yourself, here's what I used:
washable felt (the kind you buy by the yard in the fabric section, not the kind you buy by the sheet-of-paper size in the craft section)
coordinating embroidery thread
fabric glue (permanent)
I recommend doing as much of your stitching detail as possible before gluing or make sure you leave the very edges un-glued because otherwise you'll have a heck of a time getting your needle through all those layers of felt, denim and dried glue.
I started each time by gluing a big black square of felt to the inside of the pant leg, generously covering the ripped area.  then I just cut my tooth, eye and tongue shapes and glued them in place, added my stitching (for looks only but doesn't hurt that it also keeps things in place) and I was done!  My kids were SO excited about these and Bekah's teacher told her that she was going to rip a pair of her own jeans, then send them home with Bekah for me to do this to them!  They were the envy of school that day from the sounds of it.  I'm working on a couple other pairs too so I'll have to post those next.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Fancy Bekah

Check out how Bekah writes her name on her schoolwork:

SO FANCY! And her math skills aren't too shabby either.  I'm not too sure about her teacher's math skills though.  Since when is 62 out of 64 equal to 100%?

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Scott came down early the other morning, used the bathroom, then bounded into our bedroom and exclaimed, "MOM! Before I came down to go pee this morning I counted to one hundred and ninety-nine!"  As proud as I am of his mad counting skills, I'm just a little bit gladder that I wasn't cleaning up a wet bed due to them!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Connect 4

Scott has really been enjoying learning to play the Connect 4 game that Bekah got for Christmas.

The other day after beating me several times in a row, he said, "Mom, I'm SO glad we got this game.  The most likely reason I'm so glad is because so far I'm the champ at it!"

Friday, January 4, 2013

He Speaks for the Trees

Even since we bought The Lorax on DVD and it came with this mustache, I've been trying to get Alarik to wear it because I think he kinda looks like the Lorax anyway.  He's always shunned it but Jesse got  him to wear it one evening and he thought he was pretty hilarious!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tell Me How

How is it possible that he is tall enough to reach the door handle?

And how is he already smart enough to understand "Go let Morgan in"?

He's supposed to be my little BABY!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Penguin Hats

This is the penguin hat Bekah got for Christmas from Uncle Eric and Auntie Londa back when she was just 13 months old, Christmas 2005.

She was still wearing the hat in 2006...


...2008... get the idea, right?
Here she is STILL wearing it just a couple of weeks ago, December 2012.  That's seven years later, people!

Christmas 2012 saw a new-comer penguin hat though.  Bekah received this adorable head-covering at Christmas at Grandma Helen's this year.  She wore it all Christmas Day and has worn it every time she went out since. 
Is it THE new penguin hat?  Only time will tell.