Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Veggies, Please

Bekah and Scott were both good, easy eaters, and they still are.  Even if they KNOW they don't like something on their plate, they abide by the rule that they have to try at least a bite of everything.  And there are lots and lots of veggies that they'll both eat with no complaint.

Alarik is a different story and I just don't know where we went wrong with that boy.  He is a picky eater and stubborn as all get out.  There have been numerous nights where he's had nothing but his milk for dinner because he just pushes his plate away and won't try a thing.  Jesse has more pull than me when it comes to getting him to try one bite.  Our overall strategy is that he does not get a special dinner cooked for him.  We know how smart he is when it comes to everything else, so he's certainly smart enough to learn how the dinner operations go around here.  That said, we aren't total meanies, so one part of the solution has become creative cooking.  Alarik will always eat bread, biscuits, etc so I jumped on and found a good mini muffin recipe.

 These little gems have carrots, pumpkin and banana in them, plus oatmeal so they are pretty healthy.

And he gobbles them up!  We use them both for breakfasts and snack time and we feel good knowing we got at least some amount of veggies in him for the day.

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