Monday, January 21, 2013

One More Sick Day

An unexpected day at home is so nice.  At least it is when your kid has perked up enough that you can stop worrying about him!

Scott is much better today but still has a touch of fever and is coughing a lot so no school for him.  He, Alarik and I have been enjoying a day at home.  They played trains all morning.  Scott amazes me with the train tracks he can create.

Yuck, look at that snot nose - hope he's not the next sickie in this house!

These are my two favorite trains, Mom!

We cuddled up and read a few books, the boys watched some Thomas DVDs and I got quite a list of chores knocked off the list including sweeping and mopping the kitchen, laundry and stacking firewood.  And, of course, Scott's having more than his fair share of iPad time.

Besides being on the mend from this bug he caught, Scott's leg also seems to be A-ok.  He can put all his weight on it and was jumping up and down on both legs today.  Lying around for two days probably helped.  Here's hoping that's the end of that!

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