Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Skating on New Year's Day

I cut out of work early today to spend the last little bit of time with the kids before they head back to school tomorrow.  Jesse was still pretty tired and content to stay home with Alarik so, after sledding in our own yard for an hour or so, Bekah, Scott and I took off for the skating rink.  Bekah fell in love with ice skating last winter and has been ready to go this year ever since the temps dropped.

We had the whole big rink all to ourselves!

 Bekah worked on some spin moves:

And her speed:

And on posing for cute pictures:

Skating isn't Scott's favorite activity.

I think he forgot that when he said he wanted to come along.

It's easier to say upright if you insert your feet deep into a snowbank.

Or if you just take your skates off and go play on the snow-covered playground equipment instead!

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