Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sledding, Skating and Smashing Shins

Last weekend we spent a day at the Pratos enjoying all there is to enjoy about a nice winter's day.

 Sledding train!  The hill was fast and a little bit dangerous.

Scottie had a little mishap involving this sled.  They all piled in and went whizzing down the hill and his leg, which was hanging out the side, got smooshed between the sled and a tree.  He sat out the rest of the day's activities and we actually ended up going in for xrays when it wasn't much better a couple days later.  There was nothing broken and it seems to have improved quite a bit now so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it's nothing.

Skating time!  Bekah could skate all day...until her feet get cold that is.

 And Alarik could do this all day:
Bekah's snowpants are a little big (here's hoping she can wear 'em for two seasons then) so Dad had to make a little adjustment to keep her from skating over the bottoms of them.

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