Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sweet Bekah and Sick Scottie

Scott is down and out with a bug and yesterday morning, Bekah insisted on bringing him breakfast in bed (or on the couch I guess).  So she piled all his favorite breakfast foods on a tray and delivered it to him along with a get well soon note.

 He was as impressed as could be for a kid spiking a fever and feeling generally crummy.

But he did manage to sit up and eat a bit.

On top of feeling sick, he started complaining about his leg again which had been so much better the last several days.  We had been told to come in for the CT scan Friday if he couldn't put all his weight on it by then.  He could put all his weight on it both Wednesday and Thursday nights.  15 minutes before clinic closing time on Friday, he starts limping again!  What the heck???  He was in no condition to go to the clinic yesterday morning so I guess we will just wait and see how he is in the morning before deciding what to do with him next.

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