Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bananas and Bugs (and Crunch Hearts)

We used Alarik's naptime over the weekend to get Valentine's made.  Scott's "Bugs and Kisses" Valentine's were from Repeat Crafter Me and they turned out so awesome!  We used her printable template and I just had Scott leave a little extra space at the bottom when he cut them out so he had room to write "from Scott". 
 What a fun "boy" Valentine idea!

For Bekah's, we found inspiration on Pinterest via this cute little number by
Monkey Valentines

But I did not want the hassle of paper-piecing that monkey together, so we scoured Google Images for a cute all-in-one background instead, then added her Valentine message to it in Publisher and she wrote her name on the back.

The hardest part of Bekah's project was sorting out the banana runts from all the millions of other fruits in the package. 

Ha, ha...just kidding!  You can bet I searched Amazon for banana runts by the pound and found them.  Totally worth the $5 plus shipping I paid for them!

At the last minute, I realized Alarik needed Valentine's for his little daycare buddies.  I happened to have some heart-shaped crunch candies left over from Scott's star-of-the-day treats for Kindergarten earlier in the week.  I spied an idea similar to this on Pinterest and whipped these out before we packed the craft supplies away for the day.

The kids always work so hard on their Valentine's and I have fun helping them find fun ideas each year.

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