Saturday, February 23, 2013

So what's new?

It's just too easy for a week or more to fly by without me finding time to post.  Our family is over the sick season of winter, I hope.  We made out pretty easy actually.  Scott had the pukes one time and the high fever/sleep-for-two-days-straight one weekend.  Alarik had the same, puking once and fever a week later, and Bekah has been healthy all winter so far...knock on wood!

The weather has been alternating between below zero temps and tons of snow, so we haven't been out sledding or skating again but we try to send the kids out to play when it's not too cold.

As you can see, Bekah was less than trilled at this moment because Scott was taking advantage of the sticky snow and rolling up a snowman, but she wanted to work on forts.  Such is life...

Thanks to one snow day, President's Day and the end of a quarter, the kids have enjoyed several days off of school in the past two weeks.  Scott had two more days off than Bekah because of Kindergarten conferences, which went well.  It was fun to see the difference between his work in October to now.

Jesse found Flight of Dragons, a classic from his childhood, on Amazon and ordered it right up.
The Flight of Dragons
He was definitely more excited than the kids the day it came in the mail but now it is the new favorite around our house.

Alarik has come to love both Elmo and Thomas the Train.  He'll ask "Watch?  Elmo?" or "Watch? Choo-train?"   And then, "button?" which he knows how to press all by himself.

He also loves books and his favorites, besides ones with Elmo or Thomas, are ones with cars and trucks.

He went through a pretty ornery phase for a couple weeks and we thought the terrible twos were upon us early but he's already moving out of it so I'm sure we'll be in for more of that later.  But for now he's back to his smiley old self.  Still a picky eater, but otherwise laid back.  And he has the best manners again!  Always "pweese" and "ank'ooo"

One of the days I was home with sick Alarik, I was cleaning the house and doing laundry when I came across a pair of Jesse's work jeans with a hole in the knee.  You better believe I dropped everything to put a monster patch on them - and of course it's a red-haired monster.  Then I folded them up and put them in his drawer like usual. 
He laughed out loud when he pulled that pair out of the drawer one morning.  And, being the good sport he is, he wears them!

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