Monday, March 25, 2013

Waterpark Surprise

Jesse worked 4-10s so he could take Friday off with the kids off of school.  They picked me up from work to "take me to lunch" and we drove to the Edge in Duluth for an overnight at the waterpark!  The kids weren't overly anxious about where in the world we were going and why it was taking so long.  At first we just claimed we were going to lunch at McDonald's and then Jesse set the GPS to lead us to the waterpark and every time the kids asked questions, we just shrugged and said we were going wherever the green line was taking us.  When we got to the tunnels on 35 though, Bekah started to recognize everything and said to Scott, "Something tells me we aren't going back home tonight"!

The moment of discovery:
Bekah accused Jesse immediately of doing that on purpose and knowing all along where the green line was taking us.  She's a super sleuth, that one.  :)
It didn't take us long to get checked in and into our swimsuits.  The Kogowskis joined us and we spent several hours in the park.

It took Alarik awhile to warm up to the place.  It's loud and busy so who can blame him?

Pretty soon he settled down though and didn't cry every time the big bucket dumped.  As long as we stayed out of "the splash zone", he was good to go.  He loved the little water slides once he got over his fear.

We ordered pizzas for dinner and went back to the room to eat in relative peace and quiet, then headed back for another couple hours of fun.  Jesse and Scott gave the big tube slide a try and were both hooked.  They went down that thing a dozen or more times I bet!

It was pretty tough to capture a good photo of them coming out the end.  I had the best luck from a bird's eye view.

 When everyone was sufficiently water-logged, we went back to the room, dried off, got into cozy jammies and then grabbed some dessert from the snack bar before bedtime.

  We were back in the park by about 8:30 the next morning.
 Alarik took a lot less time warming up to the place but then one of the little water buckets dumped right on his head when he was going up the stairs to the slides and that was it for him.  Jesse tried to calm him down in the hot tub but that didn't last long and the two of them ended up going back to the room where he had a bath and then played happily with the luggage cart while Jesse packed up everyone's stuff.
I watched Bekah and Scott play for another hour or so, then we rinsed and dried off and hurried back to the room to change before checkout time.  Jesse had our clothes all set out for us and everything else ready to roll out to the truck.  The Kogoskis had been a little slow getting to the waterpark that morning and Jonah and Kaija were still enjoying themselves so our family drove to Canal Park and enjoyed walking around in the nice, sunny weather before heading over to their house.

We decided to eat lunch out so we met up again at Old Chicago, then went to the Kogowski's for playing, relaxing and visiting.  The kids had a blast together playing with "new" toys.  We enjoyed another hot tub after a delicious dinner of lasagna, garlic bread and salad.  Everyone was pretty worn out from our busy days so it was early to bed and then we headed for home after a yummy breakfast of pancakes the next morning.

I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids by getting surprised, or Jesse and I by the anticipation of surprising them!  We'll definitely have to do it again sometime.

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