Monday, April 29, 2013

The Week I was Gone

I attended a week-long community leadership retreat last week and these few cell phone snaps were the only glimpse of the kids I had all week.
This was the discovery of a caterpillar in the driveway one day as the snow started to melt.

And this was Jesse and Alarik as Jesse headed out the door to pick me up on Friday and go see the MN Wild hockey game.  It was one more night without the kids but it was really fun and nice to have some time with Jesse, so it was worth it.
Alarik was the happiest to see me when we got back home on Saturday.  He squealed "Mommmmmy!", gave me a hug, then ran off to play again.  Over the next several hours, he kept coming to check and see where I was every 10 minutes or so.

Monday, April 8, 2013


While the jungle blankie came out as Alarik's favorite, he has another lovey as well.  It's Bear.  A baby gift from the Kallinens, Bear enjoys being lovingly drug about the house and accompanying Alarik to naps and bedtime.  Since Alarik has a yucky habit of chewing on Bear and carrying him around in his mouth, Bear gets lots of baths.  But hey, real bears get stinky too, right?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Best Blanket Fort Yet

I must admit that I pride myself, just a lil' bit, on my blanket fort-building ability.  Check out the latest masterpiece:
Two cup hooks, a length of rope, two flat bedsheets and four clothespins is all you need.  Oh, and an air mattress.  Kids are so pampered these days.  Why, when I was a kid, we slept on the floor! And walked up hill both ways!  :)
The kids enjoyed a viewing of Dragons, Riders of Berk from their cozy tent.  Alarik is a kid that likes his own bed though and he kept wandering out of the fort, obviously tired.  He didn't want to snuggle on the couch with me either and put up no protest when I deposited him in his crib.  He snuggled up with "bear" and "bwankie" and drifted right off to dreamland.
I thought it rather funny that he willing gave up his movie night because the weekend before, Jesse had been out late on an ambulance transfer.  Bekah and Scott were talking about movie night but Alarik had had a long day with a short nap so I decided he should get to bed at his regular time.  He was none too pleased when I carted him upstairs while the other two were picking a DVD and popping popcorn.  In the morning when Jesse asked how everyone's night had been, Bekah reported that they'd had a movie night.  Alarik's little head snapped right around to look at Jesse and, with a look of disgust on his face and agitation in his voice, he rattled off a string of jibberish that ended with "nigh-nigh".  Jesse and I both burst out laughing as it was plain to tell that he was complaining to Jesse about the injustice of being put to bed and missing out on the fun!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Next Taylor Swift in Training

Bekah often stages impromptu "dance shows" for the viewing pleasure of the rest of the family.  I've no idea where she learns all her moves.

She certainly is a rock star!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

40-degree Late Winter Day

Oh how good this 40-degree late-March day felt!  It was hard to choose between rubber or winter boots.  Walking was messy.  Biking and pushing the stroller were hard.  But you just can't sit inside on a day like this after being stuck inside for most of the winter!

The kids wanted to stay out even when we'd run out of things we could do in the mixture of high snow piles and mud holes, so they opted to have a picnic dinner and friendship bracelet-making session out on the sunny deck.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Baskets

There were happy faces in the Storlie house Easter morning as the kids discovered their baskets.

Alarik got some cheddar bunnies crackers which he began to enjoy immediately.

Scott got Ice-Breakers - his favorite!

A Sandra Boynton book for Alarik

And ELMO!!!

 New Moshling figurines for Miss Bekah

They came with secret codes for the website which she had to go and enter right away.

Alarik really liked that Elmo figurine!

New Hotwheels for Scott, the coolest of which is a helicopter.

And pancakes for breakfast before church.