Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boys Outside

 The rain has started the last few days but before that my boys couldn't get enough of being outside, or as Alarik says, "ow-side"!

Scott put his digger and wheelbarrow to good use.


 Alarik's been enjoying the little clubhouse and slide.

He points to the lawnmower and says, "tractor. sit." and then pretends to drive.

And he found a football helmet in the toy shed which he had to put on even though it was full of dirt.

Scott could spend all day on his bike I think.

 Or on Alarik's bike!

And Alarik loves to ride right alongside his big brother.

Scott wanted me to take a picture of a scrape he got from the slide at school.

I love the admiration on his face in this one.

And here he's trying to look tough I guess.

We'll end with one more cute, smiley Alarik picture!

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