Thursday, May 30, 2013

Storlie Cousins

At Grandma Dianna's over Memorial Weekend, it was my goal to get a picture of her five grand kids all together.  No small task.

I think this one ends up being the winner even though the little guys aren't looking at the camera.  It's the best we could do!

Always have to do a silly one at the end of the photo shoot:

We always have to bring bikes to Grandma's because her hill is so fun to speed down!

Bekah was insistent that Alarik try it too.

 He alternated between crying and laughing as his bike rolled down the hill out of his control.

 But overall he ended up loving it!

There was still one muddy puddle in Grandma's driveway so Scott and Bekah's favorite thing to do was whiz down the hill at top speed and splash through that.  Scott ended the day with a lot of dried mud on him!

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